Summer Vacation in Korea during Covid-19

The summer holiday season is back this year. However, people are not as excited or happy as usual due to the COVID 19 virus. In addition to being banned from going abroad due to concerns about the spread of infection, it is not possible to travel freely in South Korea. Just as the daily routine changed according to coronavirus, vacation plans are likely to adjust as well.

Necessary Accessories

First of all, the number of items needed to be taken on vacation has increased. For instance, you must travel with a mask. Masks were already commonplace in South Korea, especially during winter months, but now they show up worldwide in the summertime due to Covid-19.

Without a mask, you can’t even go out. In particular, if you do not wear a mask in South Korea, you may be refrained from using public transportation such as buses and subways, so you must take it with you. In addition, there have been reports of people being turned away from public transportation if they do not have a mask. Thus, it cannot be said enough that a mask is critical for any travel within South Korea.

Don’t forget to carry sanitizer and disinfectant spray. When you go to many places such as beaches, restaurants, and tourist spots, it is inevitable to use everyday items. In this case, it is recommended to wipe surfaces you touch with tissue with disinfectant or use a disinfectant spray. Everything is for personal safety. If possible, put a portable hand sanitizer in the trunk of your car in case you cannot wash your hands.

It is time to carry hygiene products, too. When using accommodations such as hotels and pensions, you will naturally use the items provided, but it may lead to a dangerous case or an infection risk factor. If it is not sanitized correctly, you should pay more attention to it. There are many things to prepare in advance, such as a spoon, chopsticks, bucket, shampoo, and body wash.

Beach Travel

It is better to avoid crowded places as much as possible. However, if you must go to a beach as it is summer vacation, be sure to read the following to have everyone on a “safe” vacation. 

Check congestion signal lights. The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries operates a new ‘congestion signal light’ system that informs congestion on famous beaches in South Korea. The purpose is to prevent people from being excessively crowded into a specific beach by notifying people about the degree of congestion and making it easy for them to know in advance.

The new system was first started on July 1, 2020, targeting ten large beaches such as Haeundae and Gyeongpodae. After that, it has been expanded to 50 significant beaches since mid-July. Traffic lights are displayed in three stages: green, yellow, and red. You can check it out on billboard street signs, announcements, and the official web page.

Green and yellow colors indicate moderation or slightly congested, but red color means excessively congested with tourists already. If the place you plan to visit is marked in red, you need to reconsider your safety as its congestion exceeds the appropriate capacity of 200%. Even if you take a break there, you may feel something icky and uncomfortable.

Keep maintaining social distance even on a sandy beach. The distance-keeping campaign continues on the beach as usual. When installing a parasol or beach umbrella, keep a distance of each at least 1 meter and try not too closely stay with unfamiliar people. Singing or shouting on the beach should be prohibited, and control yourself to avoid spitting in water. The dangerous virus has been reported that is likely to be transmitted through droplets.

Some beaches have newly added regulations. Due to these safety measures, you may not drink alcoholic beverages and be prohibited from camping and cooking on beaches. In addition, you may be fined if you don’t wear a mask when resting or moving outside the water. I hope you will investigate the places you will visit in advance, not to face unexpected fines or embarrassment.

Many people will go camping in a secluded place to avoid somewhere crowded. However, these people should be aware of safety issues before the visit because there are constant significant or minor accidents at the campsite every year.

First, set up a tent in a safe place. South Korea has a high possibility of flooding due to heavy rain, as rain falls intensively in the summer season. Therefore, install a tent anywhere except lowland or close to the foot of the mountain. Avoid hills, rock walls, and other places where landslides can occur as well.

As always emphasize, we must watch out for fire accidents. The most common accident that occurred among campers is the gas explosion. Enjoy a barbecue party using a standard-sized fireboard, and be careful when using butane gas, as it has a risk of explosion. When used, it must be thrown away after discharging all remaining gas.

Finally, you need to organize and tidy up well. Anything like embers remained in the campsite can lead to colossal fire accident as most of the grounds is nearby forests. Check the grill, portable gas stove to make sure the lights are completely out. Regarding electrical appliances, using a product equipped with an earth leakage circuit breaker is recommendable and immediately stopping the usage of electrical devices connected to an electrical cord when rain gets started for your safe.