Seoul Overview

Seoul (서울) is the capital city of South Korea and is home to roughly half of the country’s population. Being the capital city and heart of South Korea’s culture, economy, education and politics, Seoul offers visitors a lot of unique attractions which will satisfy even the most demanding travelers. From flashy streets with the hottest cosmetics and Korean pop groups on display to the republic’s ancient royal palace, there is never a shortage of things to do throughout the four seasons. Seoul is the perfect destination for an unforgettable trip!

Seoul’s Geography

Seoul is a relatively small city with a large population. It is cut in half by the famous Han River whose estuary is at the border between South and North Korea. Although the city is surrounded by a range of mountains, the city sits on a flat valley with an average elevation of about 282 feet. Seoul’s geography enjoys four seasons where summers are usually humid and hot in while winters are mostly cold and dry. The best time to visit Seoul is between April – June and August – November.


Seoul has historically been the capital of various dynasties, each time with a different name. It was the capital of Korea from the 14th century until the division of the nation in 1948 after the Korean War. The city back then has some other names, including the terms Hanseong and Hanyang. With the founding of South Korea in 1948, Seoul became the official name of the city. Since then, Seoul has been growing continuously and has become the epicenter of technology and entertainment in Asia.


Seoul is known for the variety of local food products it has to offer visitors. From street snacks to Korean barbeque recipes, travelers will sure the chance to taste the food of all kinds! Traditional Korean street food dishes are a must when you visit Seoul. Dishes such as Dakkochi, Odeng, Hotteok, and Gimbap are some of the most popular items you should definitely try out.

One of the most popular street snacks in Seoul is the so-called Tteokbokki, which can be found in street stalls, restaurants, and eateries. You should give this piece of paradise a try at the Cheong-Nyun Tteokbokki eatery.


Seoul can be described as the city of attractions. During your visit, you will find so many different things to try that you will hardly find the time to rest. To start with, the city has 5 major palaces with the Gyeongbokgung being the most important among them. In a small distance from this palace, there is a picturesque village, Hanok, with over 400 traditional houses. You can buy some lovely souvenirs and artifacts from the shops of the village.

A long river, named Cheonggyecheon stream just in the middle of Seoul is a popular area for walking and where various festivities are held, particularly during the Christmas period. Lotte World is a theme park in Seoul that is definitely worth visiting. Being the largest indoor theme park in the world, you can imagine how many activities it offers travelers.

Surely, you cannot leave the city without visiting the National Museum of Korea and the Jogyesa Temple which dates back to the 14th century. If you pay a visit to the temple during the spring when the Buddha’s birthday takes place, you will have the chance to take part in the festivities.

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