Jeju Island (제주도) is an international and national tourist destination in South Korea. The southernmost island in Korea is popular for a wide range of activities, natural sites, and entertainment. It is known to be one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. Here is an overview of various attractions and activities you can do at the Jeju Island.


Places to visit

Located on the west coast of the island, Hallim Park is one of the oldest must-visit sites. This park has 2 wineries and is divided into 16 botanical gardens, each one different from the other. Another botanical garden in this place is the Yeomiji Botanical Garden, home to some of the rarest plants and species of trees. This garden is recognized as one of the best botanical gardens in Asia.

If you want to learn about how the island was formed, you can head to the northern coast. The Manjanggual lava pipe created aeons ago can reach a height of 23 meters. Apart from these, you can tour authentic villages where you can eat and live like a local for a day.

To learn about the history, you can visit museums and exhibition halls around the island. Folklore Museum of Jeju and Folklore Museum. Natural history and folklore, and many more. There are several museums based on a variety of themes, from Jeju education at the Teddy Museum to the Green Tea Museum and many more. A number of private tour operators in Jeju help you navigate easily between these places. You can contact these operators from the hotel located on the island of Jeju where you are staying.


Things to do in Jeju

There are a variety of activities in Jeju once you step outside your hotel. During the day, you can visit museums and theme parks as well as natural wonders you can marvel at. At night, there are several casinos and nightclubs. Please note only foreigners can enter casinos so you must bring your passport to enter.

If you are a golf lover, Jeju is a great place to visit. They have several golf courses in the area, including the Neville Country Club, the Raon Golf Club, and the Nine Bridges Golf Club. There are also several riding trails, such as the Cho Won trail, if you want to go horse riding. There are also places to visit if you want to fish, such as fishing in Jeju Ba-Dang.

Looking for something more adventurous? You can climb several mountains, such as Hallasan and Sanbangsan. You can also walk and climb around several volcanoes in the area and visit the Sangumburi Crater. In Darangshi Oreum, a volcano, they offer paragliding. At Iho Beach and Sinyang Beach, they offer windsurfing.

If you visit Jeju, you will surely find something more to do than rest on the beach or sightseeing. It’s not that there’s nothing wrong with that, and you can also do both to Jeju. However, beyond that, there are many ways to spend your time in the area, making sure that you never get left wanting to do things. Check out our comprehensive list of things to do in Jeju to fill your itinerary.