Incheon is a South Korean town surrounding the capital of Seoul. For a long time, this city has been a conveying hub. Its futuristic, sizeable international airport with railway line linking to Seoul has brought many visitors before checking out the capital.

Incheon boasts one of the best airports in the world with a rail system to Seoul. The city has a proud history, budget-friendly shopping malls, annual rock shows, laid back beaches, and the birthplace of the terrific Jajangmyeon -black soybean noodles.


Incheon’s Geography

The city is situated in the western region of South Korea. Before the world famous Incheon International Airport, the city has been a major harbor and a fishing town. The Yeonan Pier which is nearby the favored Incheon fish market is the beginning point for numerous boat trips. Incheon is also known for its beach lined isle comprising Muui-dong and Yeong Jeong.

Surrounding the city are monumental mountains – Samgaksan, Gyeyangsan, and the Manisan.



History of Incheon dates back to 5th century during the rule of Michuhol who was Goguryeo Jiangsu’s emperor. The city underwent numerous name transformations with successive dynasties and kingdoms. Given its geography, many battles in Korean history have been fought there. During the Japanese Russo war, Chemulpo bay was where the first shots were fired. During the Korean War, this city was occupied by North Korean soldiers. Later, when the U.S. joined the war, the city became yet again a battleground to push the North back.

This city has played host to a series of significant global events. In 2009, the world fair and festival was held in Songdo. In 2011, the city hosted a glove model UN assembly.



The most iconic Korean Chinese dish, Jjajangmyeon, originated from Incheon. The dish dates back to 1883 when Korean became trading internationally with other Asian countries. Given its proximity to Korea, the region brought numerous migrates from Shandong, China. Chinese ethnic groups behan spreading these delicious noodles covered in black bean sauce.

After the 1945 liberation, the Jakjangmyeon went through a slow transformation with the addition of caramels, vegetables, and meat. It evolved to fulfill the Korean palette and ultimately became the current’s jjajangmyeon. This food has become one of must eat nourishment in this city. Also, there are some highly advocated foods here that you can try. The foods are a diversity of Dim sum, a kind of Cantonese nourishment which comprises lamp skewers, dumplings, mooncakes, and pittas.


Incheon’s attraction

There’s much to see and do in this city. You will find one of the biggest chinatowns in Korea and all the delicacies that comes with the Chinese heritage. For thrill seekers, Wolmido isles offer amusement parks.

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