Goyang Autumn Flower Festival

Do you enjoy looking at some of the beauty nature has to offer? Do you enjoy wandering for hours, just soaking in the warm beauty of the petals of a flower in bloom? Well, the 고양 가을 꽃 축제 (Goyang International Autumn Flower Festival) is a must-see event for you! 고양(Goyang) is in the 경기도(Gyeong-gi Province) next to the north of Seoul, the capital of South Korea. As a part of the Seoul Capital Area, it stands as one of Seoul’s largest satellite cities, with a population of over 1 million people.

Origins – Where it all began

The 고양 가을 꽃 축제 (Goyang Flower festival)l started back in 1991 as the Goyang Korea Flower Show, and it displayed some of the best flowers that the peninsula had to offer. It became so popular it was held annually for 6 years consecutively, before becoming a tri-annual event (once every three years) in 1997. It was renamed and held every three years, the Goyang International Flower Festival was held from 1997 to 2012 when in 2013 it switched back again to an annual event. Hosted this year between 28th of September and the 13th of October 2019, the festival is open from 10 am through to 6 pm (18:00)

What to expect – a firmly rooted plan of what is to come

Botanists, Farmers, and Floral enthusiasts bring their flora from all over the country to the Autumn Flower Festival to be displayed alongside some of the most beautiful flowers Korea has to offer. In an indoor display, guests can enjoy strolling around and learning all about the plants, different species, the conditions they need to thrive, and, most importantly, how beautiful they are. This is a terrific learning experience for anyone interested in plant life, be it with friends, family, or loved ones. There is even a fun photo zone where you and your loved ones can take lasting pictures of your experience with the autumnal flowers or artwork designed to match up perfectly with the colors and shades of the flowers in bloom in this time of year.

If you are interested in seeing flowers with much more natural light, there are thousands of flowers within the gardens. Arranged beautifully in patterns and shapes that complement each flower and species perfectly. Due to the Autumnal weather and them being in bloom, you can wander for hours gazing upon their beauty with loved ones. This can be a very romantic trip if you are looking for somewhere to surprise your loved ones. Then look no further. The outdoor exhibitions include Chrysanthemums, Sunflowers, Cosmos, and many many more. The Gardens even offer a Bike riding tour (fees vary), Floating Flower, and traditional Games (free). On top of all of this, the festival has a flower sale zone where guests at the festival can buy beautiful flowers for a discounted price. This really is the place to be if your passion for flowers is in full bloom.