Driving Trips in South Korea

If you crave going on the open road and taking a drive with no destination in mind, South Korea is a wonderful place to explore. The road signs and conditions are clear across the country and traffic rules are followed well. Looking for your next road adventure? Set your sights on Korea.

There are plenty of places to visit within Seoul, but if you want to get away from heavy traffic jams experienced in chaotic city scenes, take a drop to the ocean and leave behind the hustle and bustle. The wide-open landscape and winds that come in from the sea bring in a feeling of liberation and freedom. This article is for anyone who wants to enjoy the feeling of driving on a road stretched out alongside the ocean.

East Coastline with Open Seas

In general, most people who want to drive along the coastline target their destination on the east coast. Not only are there many famous driving routes, you can also meet the clear blue sea and vast sky. In particular, National Highway No. 7, also known as Route 7, is the most famous path for expert drivers. While driving from Busan to Goseong, Gangwon-do along Route 7 enjoy the romantic and leisure time on the road. 

If you want to see the East Sea as close as possible, you have to go to Heonhwa-ro, Gangneung, Gangwon-do. Heonhwa-ro is a 6km road from Jeongdongjin Port in Gangneung to Simgok Port. From Geumjin Port to Simgok Port, the coastal road closest to the sea extends for 2km. Do not forget to stop by and take a glimpse at blue oceans. We hope you get the feeling of your heart opening up to the beauty it offers!

The path, which has frequent driving corners shaped like an ‘S’’, will add to the fun of your driving. The special seascape you will face right in front of your eyes as soon as you exit the corner is a reward for your vacation.

When you run Yangyang Coastal Road from Yangyang Sol Beach toward Hajodae Beach, you will encounter beautiful seas intermittently. The seas present you images of wide-open sandy beaches with waves frequently breaking themselves. By staring at these sceneries, it seems like an art and masterpiece created by nature, you may feel peaceful and abundant in your mind. Some say it’s like exotic beaches reminiscent of California’s landscapes.

There are many lovely beaches on the east coast. You will definitely leave with regret if you just pass by those scenes without the opportunity to look around. We recommend getting out of a car and walking on the beach by your bare feet which could use the break from driving!. Secluded beaches are great for a walk alone or with friends. It’s another way to spend your vacation by choosing a beach that is less crowded to avoid a busy and bustling environment. 

After enjoying the drive in Heonhwa-ro, park your car at Simgok Port and walk along the Jeongdong Simgok Seaside Road. A 2.8km trail is built along the coastal section designated as Natural Monument No. 437. It is a way to fully experience the beautiful coast of the East Sea with the blue sky. If your itinerary allows for it, you may want to stop by the Namae Port Skywalk for a panoramic view of the East Sea and Namae Port. You also enjoy the cool sea breeze. 

The coastal beach of Donghae, Gangwon-do, is less well known than Mangsang Beach, but it is recommendable as a drive path with coastal scenery. After passing through Mukho Port in the East Sea, there is a driving route extended about 4km from Adal Beach to Mangsang Beach. The coastal route running along the beach is particularly attractive. The secluded sea and neat beach scenery will restore peace and stability in your mind. 

Ways to Appreciate the West Coastline

The best attraction point of the West Sea driving is the sunset. It is no coincidence that the route has become famous as a sunset spot. The road of Baeksu Coastal Road in Yeonggwang, Jeollanam-do is a route famous for its picturesque sky colors. It is a 16.8km road that follows the offshore of Yeonggwang Chilsan. During the drive, you can see coastal cliffs, unique rock formations, small islands, vast mud flats, and sunsets.

There are observation decks and parking lots on the coastal road, so you can stop for a while and overlook the surrounding scenery. Chilsanjeong is also equipped with an observatory where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the coastal road and the West Sea. The beach opposite Chilsanjeong has good walking trails along the coast. It is recommended to check the sunset time in advance, as the sunset on the Baeksu Coastal Road viewed from Noeul Pavilion along with Chilsanjeong is really beautiful.

After that, running for about 40 minutes along the coastal road, you may find the Chilsan Tower. The observation tower is 111 meters high and presents scenery of Chilsan Bridge, Chilsan offshore and its surroundings. Chilsan Tower is a great place to watch the sunset, too. After appreciating sunset, take your time enough to watch the night view of Chilsan Bridge. Chilsan Tower is open daily from 9 am to 8 pm.

The Sihwa Embankment Road, which connects Oido in Siheung, Gyeonggi-do, and Daebudo in Ansan, is a path that you can drive along on a straight road. A total of 11.2km roads show different scenery on both sides. You can see the West Sea on one side and Sihwa Lake on the other at the same driving route. In the middle of the Sihwa Lake Road, there is a Sihwa Narae Rest Area where you can take a rest. Many people who love this driving course set their destination here. Next to the rest area, there is also the Sihwa Tidal Culture Center, the Moon Observatory, and Sculpture Park. 

If you can’t get away from Seoul, you can also enjoy a drive to the Coastal Circulation Route that goes around Ganghwado coast. After passing Ganghwa Bridge or Choji Bridge, which is the gateway to Ganghwa Island, there are many cultural monuments in the east of Ganghwa Island. It is a good place to enjoy a historical tour. By following the beach to the south, you will face the scenery of the mud flats and the popular sunset spot. Hope that you enjoy your short vacation according to your taste while driving through Ganghwa Island along the way.