Dermatology Clinics in Seoul

It is a proven fact that Korean people look after their skin and are very interested in improving it. So, what would be the most reasonable and best way to get your skin checked and treated? Yes, seek the help of experts, and in this case, it’d be Korean dermatologists.

Within this article we will look at some of the best, most reliable dermatologists in Seoul. We will look at who in what practice is the practitioner to see, their specialties and their background. This article will also tell you where their practices are and their contact information. Korea Trip Guide hopes you find the dermatology specialist for you below, for whatever your dermatological needs!

Dr Woo of Woo Skin

Dr. Woo and his associate Dr. Hann opened their establishment back in 1975 and have built a reputation since then for being able to aid in all dermatology. Dr. Woo has built a name for himself in the field of wart and mole removal and also pigmentation lightening. He also performs skin allergy tests and skin based biopsies for ailments that plague his patients. His practice also offers laser treatments and therapies for sunspots and anti-aging.

Address: 15-3 Galwol-dong Yongsan-gu Seoul, Korea

Phone: +82-2-756-5118

Dr Ji-Eun Kim of Ever Skin Clinic

Dr Kim is a specialist in laser treatments. She received her PhD degree from HanYang University Hospital, where she is also a research professor looking for new ways to help in the field of dermatology and curing the ailments of the skin. In her laser surgery, she offers hair and tattoo removal as well as treating fine wrinkles, large pores, vascular tissues, scar remodelling and so much more. She also provides non-surgical treatments, including skin whitening, fillers and meditoxin.

Address: South Korea, Seoul, Yongsan-gu, Itaewon 1-dong, 124-7 2nd and 3rd floors (2층, 3층)

Phone: +82-2-795-9553

Renewme Skin Clinic

In this clinic we have two of the best dermatologists in Seoul, and that speaks highly of the practice. Dr Taehwan Kim, as the director of the practice, specializes in Aesthetic medicine. He graduated from HanYang university hospital and then became an assistant professor at Sungkyunkwan University and a member of many different medical associations including the Association of Korean Dermatologists and the Korean society for acne research. Dr Kim performs a wide variety of procedures including cheek and chin grafts, an assortment of fillers, and dermal and collagen treatments.

Dr Jihyun Ha is a graduate of Catholic University of Korean Medical School, and also much like Dr Kim, is a member of various associations including those researching acne and hair. She is a specialist at her practice in hair transplants, and non-invasive follicle treatment which aids in bald patches and balding in patients. She has many years of experience and thus has perfected her treatment to a degree that she leaves minimal scarring and a natural looking hairline. She also takes her patients concerns into consideration to create a pleasant experience.

Address: Jamsil-dong 184-21, 9th Floor, Seoul, South Korea

Phone: +82-2-413-2303

Open hours: 10:00 – 20:00 Mon, Fri / 10:00 – 19:00 Tue – Thur / 09:30 – 16:00 Sat / close on Sundays