Cherry Blossoms in Korea

Did you know cherry blossom trees are not something that originated from Japan? A lot of people know of cherry blossoms as Japan’s national flower hence originated from Japan, however, it is actually just a particular species called ‘someiyoshino’ which started to be known as Japanese tree to foreign countries ever since Japan gifted hundreds of cherry blossom trees to Washington DC. Virginia in the year of 1912 as a gesture of a friendship.

However, Korea has its own beautiful cherry blossom trees that you can never forget!

In this article, we are going to introduce some of the best ‘Korean’ cherry blossom festivals for you to visit during beautiful spring season in Korea.

영등포 여의도 봄꽃 축제 (yeong-deung-poh Yeo-eui-doh Spring Flower Festival)

Along 한강 (Han river), there are total 13 kinds of flowers and trees including cherry tree bloom around early April time. This festival is free of charge despite it being one of the biggest cherry blossom festivals in Korea.

여의도 봄꽃 축제 has more to offer other than cherry blossoms and other beautiful flowers. Jazz musicians, local indie bands, classical musicians and traditional Korean musicians are also there to make your cherry blossom festival experience better.

Not only that, there are artists selling their flower themed paintings and hand crafted items as well as various activities for you to take part in.

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석촌호수 벚꽃 축제 (Seok-chon-ho-soo Cherry Blossom Festival)

This cherry blossom festival is perfect if you are traveling with your family. Near 석촌 호수 (seok-chon lake), where the cherry blossom festival happens, there is one of the most beloved amusement parks in Korea ‘롯데 월드 (Lotte world)’ as well as the tallest tower in Korea ‘롯데 월드 타워 (lotte world tower)’.

So after enjoying great time under cherry blossom trees, you can move to Lotte world and ride extreme roller coasters with your children or your loved ones. Or you can move to Lotte world tower and enjoy nice meal overlooking cherry blossom around the river. The choice is all yours.

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강릉 경포 벚꽃 잔치 (Gang-reung gyeong-poh Cherry Blossom Festival)

강릉 (Gang-reung) is bit of a distance from Seoul where most of the tourists stay. However, if you want to visit somewhere romantic with your partner, spouse or someone you have a huge crush on, this festival is a must.

This cherry blossom festival in 강릉 offers one of the most romantic views you could ever ask for. Gorgeous cherry blossom trees are surrounding 경포 호수 (gyeong-pho lake) for whole 4.3km. This amazing view is something you don’t want to miss.

At this cherry blossom festival, you can also try out various Korean food enjoying beautiful tire works at night. You can also enjoy a night walk along the cherry blossom road called ‘달빛 벚꽃길 (moon light cherry blossom road) with beautiful romantic lights every step of the way.

None the less, this festival is somewhere you definitely want to visit if you are traveling with your loved ones.

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