Best Nail Salons in Seoul

Korea is not only famous for K-pop. Korean foods, Korean alcohol drinks, and K-beauty are also very famous all around the country. But what about Korean nail art? Is it any different than nail arts from other countries?

The answer is a huge YES! If you have seen K-pop girl groups’ nails, you know they are nothing “boring.” Korean nail artist took their nail to a whole another level. They have got one of a kind nail designs and top-notch skills in the world. 

In this article, we are going to introduce some of the best nail art salons you can find in Korea. If you want to give your nails a new look during your stay in Korea or want to go back home with something to show off, make sure to check them out! 

포쉬 네일 신촌점 (Forsythe nail) – for quality gel nail arts and nail care

This nail salon in 신촌 (shin-chon) is one of the hottest nail salons in Korea at the moment. Their endless nail art design ideas and amazing “membership” benefits are the most important things that attract customers.

Forsythe nail’s specialty is definitely gel nails. They take pride in their gel nail skills and designs, they even have their own Instagram page dedicated to showcasing their nail art designs (Forsythe Nail’s official Instagram:

If you are the first time customer, they offer really generous 50% off of gel nail service. So what are you waiting for? Book a session now!

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네일 메이커 건대 2호점 (Nail Maker) – if you want your nails to “shine bright like a diamond.”

Nail Maker is located in 광진구 (gwang-jin-gu), Seoul. Their nail salon is known for fantastic nail arts using all types of glitters and Swarovski crystal nail stones. 

Often times nail art designs can be over the top the moment any glitters or crystal stones are added. However, Nail Maker surely understands the fine line between being fabulous and being “too much.” Their nail designs with glitters and crystal stones are gorgeous, classy, stylish, and simple at the same time. 

So if you’ve been looking for a nail salon to get beautiful glittery nails with shiny jewels on top, this place is for you.

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에스미인 뷰티 (Esmiin Beauty) – cuteness overload!

에스미인 뷰티, also known as Esmiin Beauty, is located in 송파구 (song-pa-gu) where Korea’s tallest tower ‘롯데 월드 타워 (Lotte World Tower)’ is. This salon does not only nail care but eyelashes care and even waxing.

This wholesome beauty salon is known for its cute nail designs using pastel colors. If you are into attractive designs with heart shapes, flowers, cartoon characters, or want to add liveliness to your look, make sure to book a session here.

If you book your very first reservation through Korea’s most famous search engine, “Naver,” gel nail art is only 30,000 won, and gel pedicure is just 40,000 won no matter what nail art design you choose.

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