Must Try Drinks at a Korean Convenience Store

In South Korea, like in many Asian cities, you’ll discover the beauty that is the convenience store. It can be like an oasis in the desert of tired feet and dry mouths from shopping and hanging out. In this post, you’ll find some drinks unique to Korea that you should pick up from a convenience store when you visit!

Banana Milk

Perhaps one of the most iconic drinks from South Korea is Banana Milk, or Banana Uyuu in Korean. It is a milky, sweet treat that has a strong banana flavor. The bottle is also easily recognizable as it’s a round, barrel-shaped plastic container that widens halfway up the bottle. The best part is if you love banana milk, the makers also have other flavors including strawberry, melon, and banana light.


Soda and milk might not sound that tasty at first thought but let us assure you that Milkis is exactly that and it is delicious. Thanks to its bubbliness, Milkis doesn’t taste too sweet like other sugary drinks. It’s the perfect balance between smooth milkiness and soda. An additional benefit of Milkis is that it has Vitamin A, C, and D in all its drinks and it comes in the following flavors: original, strawberry, orange, melon, mango, peach, pineapple, banana, apple, grape, and lemon,


Named after the Roman god of wine, fertility, and agriculture, Bacchus is an energy drink that tastes similar to Red Bull. It is common for people who need a kick in the morning or getting over a fun night of drinking to grab one from a convenience store. If you’re down on energy and need a boost, try a Bacchus!

Sac Sac or Bung Bung

The next on our list may be a bit peculiar at first but it’s a favorite for those looking to munch on a little something. Sac Sac is an orange flavored drink that has pulp inside for more of a bite. Bung Bung is its grape equivalent except instead of mashed grapes, they are entire grapes but with no skin. It’s a bit chewy and slippery but could be a fun time!

Black Sesame Soy Milk

Black sesame is a common ingredient for sweets in Asia and it can come in the shape of ice cream, candy, and even milk! Korea has a black sesame soy milk drink that brings out the nutty aroma of the sesame in an easy to sip on package. Try one out next time you’re at a convenience store and it might become your go to.

Coffee Milk

Have you ever drank something from a bag? It might sound weird but it’s a unique experience you won’t want to miss. Koreans have something called coffee milk which is essentially much more milk than coffee. If you’ve ever liked scooping up the last few spoonfuls of coffee ice cream after it has melted, it tastes pretty much like that but a bit less sweet. The convenience store will likely give you a straw to stick in the triangular bag upon purchase but be careful not to spill!

Exploring a new country means getting to try a bunch of new snacks and drinks! It’s always cool to find something that is similar to what you have back home but the best gems are when you find new favorites you’ve never tasted before. Make sure you spend some time at some Korean convenience stores when you visit–you won’t want to miss it.