In this modern world, where everything happens and disappears so quickly, we often forget the importance of loving yourself and being grateful for life.

Buddha once said, “happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have.” Just like Buddha said, maybe it’s time for us to learn how to appreciate lives and our nature.

In this article, we are going to introduce 3 amazing temples in Korea where you can learn how to be a happier and more peaceful person!

남양주 봉선사 템플 스테이 (Bong-seon-sah Temple stay) – peaceful time in a hidden forest

봉선사 (Bong seon sah) in 남양주시 (Nam-yang-ju-shi), 경기도 (Gieong-gi-do) has a sad history of being destroyed three times. These tragedies happened during the Japanese Invasion of Korea in the year 1592, the Manchu war of the year 1636, and the Korean war in 1950. After overcoming horrible attacks three times, Bong Seon Sah showed the whole country how strong and undefeatable they are with the lessons from Buddha.

Bong Seon Sah’s temple stay offers a walking meditation session in the hidden forest named ‘광릉숲 (gwang-reung-soop)’ which is a biosphere reserve area designated by UNESCO. In this peaceful forest, you can fully enjoy the peaceful nature around you and learn to appreciate it.

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강북 화계사 템플 스테이 (Hwa-gyeo-sah temple stay) – temple stay in the center of Seoul

화계사’s temple stay is perfect for people who don’t have enough time to travel. This temple is located in the center of Seoul. It’s only a 15 minutes walk from 화계역 2번 출구 (hwa-gye station exit 2).

화계사’s temple stay offers various activities such as striking bells, 108 prostrations where you bow to a statue of Buddha for 108 times, walking meditation, and even quality tea time with the monks.

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종로 금선사 템플 스테이 (Geum-seon-sah temple stay) – for those who have limited time

금선사 in 종로 (Jong-ro), Seoul is located near 청와대 (the Blue House) for president of Korea and 경복궁 (gyeong-bok palace) where Korean Kings used to live. On the way to this temple, you need to walk the staircase with 108 steps next to a 200-year-old pine tree.

Besides the fantastic nature and beautiful architecture this temple offers, there are one more thins you might like. 금선사 offers temple stay courses that are not strict or too long for people who don’t have enough time left in Korea or want to get the gist of ‘temple stay.’

There are a total of three courses this temple offers. Weekday rest course lets you rest in the temple freely except during the ‘공양 시간 (gong-yang shee-gaan: breakfast, lunch, dinner),’ other activities are also available upon request. The weekend activity course is their most popular course. It contains most of the events that the monks do at the temple and teach you about Buddhism, traditional cultures, and medication methods in the process. Weekday custom course is the shortest course the temple offers. It only lasts less than 3 hours and contains 2 to 3 Buddhism related activities as parts of the course.