Incheon is typically only known for its international airport located on the outskirts of Seoul but Incheon city itself also has a lot to offer. The national government of South Korea designated Incheon as a Free Economic Zone which incentivized international companies and foreigners to invest in and live in Incheon. Due to this, a lot of resources were put into developing Incheon into a globally friendly area. One of the main features of the Free Economic Zone is Songdo Central Park which was designed with New York City’s Central Park in mind. It’s a flourishing area that locals and visitors love.

Where is Songdo Central Park?

Songdo Central Park is located within the Songdo district of Incheon city. Also, Central Park runs through the Songdo International Business District which boasts many high rises and green city design. There is a main lake in the middle of all the action where people can enjoy water sports.

To get to Songdo Central Park, you can take Incheon Metro Line 1 to the Central Park Station or access it through the Canal Walk Mall.

What is there to do in Songdo Central Park?

All of Songdo International Business District was built on reclaimed land which means the bodies of water and walkways were all designed with the visitors in mind. The park is definitely maximized during the warmer months of the year where people can enjoy camping or boating in the lake.


You can get onto the water with a water taxi for as little as 4,000 won ($4 USD) but you can also rent other types of water vehicles like kayaks, canoes, or paddle boards for 1 hour increments. There are small boat docks and shops that are ready to get you onto one during your visit so just ask for which type of boat or board you’d like and they’ll set you up with a life jacket.

Getting Around

There are various sculptures and pieces of art around the man-made lake at Songdo Central Park that can be admired on a stroll along walkways or on a rented bike. You can even rent a tandem bike to ride with your friend or significant other!

One of the main features while walking through Songdo Central Park is the Tri-bowl. It is a uniquely shaped structure that houses a culture and arts center. The three parts of the Tri-bowl are meant to represent the city of Incheon which is known for it’s harmony between earth, ocean, and sky.


With a green vision in mind, Songdo Central Park was designed to have a lot of grass and open space for Koreans and visitors to enjoy. You can find people with picnic mats and blankets out on the greenery just soaking in the sun and taking a moment to relax. Some people bring tents to day camp but there are also dedicated areas for overnight camping as well. Camping is a pretty popular outdoor activity for Koreans and they love bringing food to grill and drinks to share. If you have a small group of people traveling with you or if you’re meeting up with local friends, camping is a great way to experience some local customs and food!

Whether you are stopping by the International Business District for work or visiting Incheon for fun, it’s definitely worth going to Songdo Central Park to take a look. South Korea is taking great strides in making their cities more green to match the mountainous regions all over the country. It might inspire you to advocate for more green cities in your home country too!