Wanna One’s Daniel Shows Off His Stardom

Despite the end of the official activities of Group Wanna One, Daniel Kang’s starpower is more than imagined. On December 31 last year, Daniel Kang concluded the Wanna One activity that has been around for about a year and a half. Although Wanna One’s final concert remains this month, Daniel Kang is planning to go back to the working solo. The potential of Solo Daniel Kang was explosive. Daniel Kang’s Instagram, which opened on the day of the month, reached 1 million Polo in 11 hours and 36 minutes. This is the fastest record in the world, breaking the record that Pope Francis established in 2016 and climbed into the Guinness Book. However, Daniel Kang’s official fan cafe, which opened on the 21st, reached 100,000 members at 3:34 a.m., on 23rd, at 3:34 a.m. This record was made only after 39 hours of Pan Cafe opening, and is the shortest idol ever since. Even more than 52 hours ahead of his 100,000 members, the Wanna One Full also estimates the extent of his infinite potential. This record of Daniel Kang, who had just taken his first solo step, is great. Having already built the Guinness record and the fastest fandom of K-pop idols, Daniel Kang stands in a so-called “anything” position. This means that everything from the Daniel Kang’s words, costumes, eating, etc., has demonstrated the potential to shake K-pop. Daniel Kang, who has made some change to the record of Wanna One, is currently preparing for solo. This year, a lot of new talents are coming out, but Daniel Kang’s debut with a strong fandom is the “hot issue” that people in the music industry are paying attention to. One officials said, “Daniel Kang’s impact is more than expected. Watching the impact of Wanna One, he said, “The greatest potential of K-pop idols.” Another officer said, “Daniel Kang possess his appearance, physical, and dance skills. If we add a musical competence to it, we will produce the result of shaking the K-pop idol genealogy.”