Korean Blood Type Personality

If you are traveling to Korea for the very first time, foreigners who have been residents there for quite a while will tell you to prepare for a unique cultural question among Koreans. This question is, what is your blood type. Don’t feel awkward when asked this! It is a perfectly normal way of getting to know an individual better among Koreans. Koreans hold this belief at high esteem that a person’s blood type determines his or her uniqueness in terms of personality and compatibility with other blood types. This is believed to help better understand their temperament. It takes a sense of likeness for a Korean to approach you and ask for your blood type.

What does your blood type say about you in Korea?

Blood Type A

Thanks to Masahiko Nomi, the Japanese journalist who developed blood type personality theory in the 1900s, there was an introduction to this idea. Afterwards, this idea has become an adopted way of thinking in many Asian countries. Koreans believe that people with A blood type tend to be friendly, diplomatic and very sensitive. They love isolating themselves from the crowd, groups, and even parties. They can easily get hurt because of their sensitive feelings. Their defense mechanism from being hurt is to not open up to people, hereby hiding their emotions. If you do not understand their nature, you might see them as being a snob. It takes a very patient person to build a strong connection with someone with A blood type. After slowly knowing them, you will discover they are very humble, friendly, and considerate. A typical word some people use to describe them is perfectionist. The best blood type compatibility with A types is O, followed by A. The worst blood type compatibility is B.

Blood Type B

With reference to the Korean blood type personality chart, people with B blood group are the most social and outgoing among all the blood types. They are very passionate people and can be very independent. Because of their passionate feelings, they find it very easy to speak their minds. That is why many might see them as being self-centered. When you take a trip to Korea, there is a gender construct for people with type Bs. It is believed that the men with this blood group tend to have low level of commitment to serious relationships. They are perceived to be playboys and not interested in full-time relationships. This notion was popularized in a song titled Blood Type B Man by Kim Hyun Jung. Regardless, people with blood type B are very curious, honest, attention-seeking, and friendly. Because of their social nature, they are often referred to as social butterflies. The best blood type compatibility is AB, followed by O. The worst blood type compatibility is A.

Blood Type O

People with blood type O are very energetic, friendly, and practical. They are generally classified as natural leaders and express themselves in very constructive ways. They have good listening skills and tend to be less emotional. Among the top Koreans in business, this blood group is the most preferred. The negative side of this is that people with this blood group can bottle up emotions and seldom express themselves because of fear of rejection. The best blood type compatibility is A, followed by B. The worst blood type compatibility is AB.

Blood Type AB

Blood type AB people are often tagged as special people. They are either geniuses or insane. Since they are mixture of type A and B, they are very unpredictable. Their personality depends solely on mood and situation. They are rational thinkers and can sometimes find it hard to express themselves hereby giving people an impression that they are two faced. The best blood type compatibility is AB, followed by B. The worst blood type compatibility is O.