Jung Woo Sung Apologizes for Inappropriate Language

In an interview, actor Jung Woo-sung apologized for expressing the actress as a “flower”. Recently, Jung Woo-sung’s Instagram asked him to apologize for the part that he said, “I can’t lose flowers,” while referring to the acting of JTBC’s “SKYCASTLE” in an interview “Witness”. “Because I believe in you, I want you to know that your expression was wrong, and I would like to hear an apology for using that expression.” “I want an apology not an excuse for using the expression” flower “, but an apology for the real heart of the actor.” As the comments and requests for feedback on these points have risen, Woo-sung Jung said, “First of all, I would like to express my deep gratitude for the intellectual affectionate concerns. Regardless of the intent of the person who expressed it, I think that the expression should be absent and apologized. “I personally take this opportunity to think about and reflect on what discriminatory expressions are being used unconsciously in our society. Thank you again for your good teaching and apologize for your uncomfortable feelings.” On the other hand, Jung Woo-sung breathed with Kim Hyang-gee in the recent film “Witnesses”, and will meet with the audience through opening in February.