Hyuna and Ethan Sign with Psy’s Label

HyunA and Ethan from Pentagon signed an exclusive contract with Psy. According to multiple officials, HyunA and Eden recently signed an exclusive contract with Psy. On 27th, Psy released a hand photo of HyunA and Eden who said “#pnation #피네이션” on his social media. HyunA and Eden officially recognized his devotees in September last year. Since then, HyunA was disappointed with Cube Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as Cube) on October 15, 2018 and Ethan on November 14, 2018.

HyunA and Eden have been looking for affiliates after the breakup with the cube. Initially, they decided to find a new nest, but recently they decided to open the second curtain with Psy’s Pineation. The two people who have expressed bold affection through social media and picture books have worked with Psy to announce their return to their business as an artist, and the fans will be greatened.

HyunA debuted as Wonder Girls in 2007, but withdrawn the team due to health problems (habitual enterocolitis) and redebuted as a pominet in 2009. Since then, he became a solo singer with “Change” in 2010. He received the nickname “Pa-Wang Saik” for his hot performance. He also worked as a problem maker with Jang Hyun-seung from the Beast. After dismantling of the Pentagon Hui Eden, he worked as a mixed unit triple H with Pentagon Hui Eden. Ethan debuted as a PENTAGON member in 2016, and has been active in ‘Blownary’, ‘Stay’ and ‘Gam Oji’ and met with fans as Triple H. Psy has established the company “through his SNS in the last 24 days. I’ve worked as a producer manager for singer Psy for the last 19 years, and I want to share with more people what I’ve learned. I’m going to make it a playground for passionate athletes who sweat for their dreams,” he declared the singer Jesi’s invocation.