Big Bang’s Seungri Apologizes

Apologies and clarification for the group “Big Bang” controversy, where the Big Bang wins recently. Seungri said, “First, I sincerely apologize to all those who have been offended or worried by recent events and controversy related to me. “This incident had a hard nightmare for the past few days, and I was confused about where and how to say what to say.” “My first involvement in the group was stopped and I started solo, and I wanted to use the music at any time, and I wanted to do the DJ I wanted to do.”, and since I am a celebrity, I have been able to announce the group externally.” “Practically management and operations were not my part of the Seungri. “The issues triggered by an assault incident are now leading to drug-related reports. We hope that if there are any sins, we will be able to investigate the truths of the sins. I was in charge of an internal director at that time, so I would take all responsibility if I had anything to take responsibility.” “I would like to apologize once again to everyone who worries about this, and to make it more mature and thoughtful.” The “Burning Sun Incident” was launched on the 28th of the month with the news desk of MBC. According to reports, male A, a member of the group, was assaulted by group directors and security personnel last November, and broke his ribs, but the police arrested his victim, Mr. A. It was controversial in the case of a change of victims and perpetrators, as well as suspicions of adhesions between the group and the police, drugs, and sexual assault. In response, YG Hyun-seok said that after the Seungri left the group, heresigned from the position of internal directors with all of their names, including members of the group’s internal directors. In addition, it was said that there is no abnormality even a little about drug suspicions.